New Office Announcement



Canopy & Vine Staff

Canopy & Vine is thrilled to announce the official inauguration of our brand-new office situated at 16105 W. 113th St. in Lenexa, Kansas. This marks a pivotal moment in our journey as we expand to accommodate our ever-growing list of local and national clients. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and a prime location, the new office enables Canopy & Vine to enhance our service delivery and cater more effectively to our diverse clientele.

Canopy & Vine is also proud to announce the launch of our new website, a project that captures the essence of the agency’s collaborative team and mission. The website signifies the evolution of our marketing and advertising firm – affectionately known as “KANSAS CITY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET” – the company that started from humble beginnings and grew into a full-service, customer-focused venture that now employs more than 50 team members.

The freshly launched website combines reliability with a touch of eccentricity, showcasing our team’s fervor as we integrate innovative strategies with time-tested approaches, crafting unparalleled client experiences.

Canopy & Vine stands out with its commitment to authenticity, creative thinking and a handpicked team of SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS leading the way. This innovative approach breathes new life into traditional marketing concepts, breaking free from conventional norms to uncover distinctive ideas and avenues for client success.

Our new website has been a labor of love that the team worked on for months to get exactly right. “We wanted our website to show the amount of energy, dedication and commitment we devote to our clients, so we took the extra time to craft it in an approachable yet playful way,” said Holly Robertson, President of Canopy & Vine. “We like to say we’re a ‘UNICORN OF AN AGENCY’ – going the extra mile to create memorable experiences for our clients.”

For Holly and the Canopy & Vine team, the new office and website symbolize the growth of the company and its cherished team, and it’s just the beginning.

Big things are ahead for Canopy & Vine. In the words of Holly, “Where will we go next? Wherever the clients want us to go. We’re ready.”