A client with 50 locations across the country had the opportunity to shift from using separate domains for each of their brands to a unified website strategy, which would improve domain authority, enhance the relevance of content to search queries and optimize internal linking.

The Solution

  1. Redesigned and launched a new website with a focus on user experience, user interface and website analytics.
  2. Introduced a virtual assistant known for increasing engagement with tours.
  3. Improved keyword competition and national-level visibility while reducing competition between communities for high-engagement keywords.
  4. Updated historically top-performing blogs on the new website, connecting them to each community to boost traffic and domain authority.

The Results

  1. A successful website launch, with a 60% growth in users within 2 weeks.
  2. Achieved a GTmetrix grade of 100% within the first month.
  3. Achieved above-industry-standard website health scores for SEO.
  4. Immediate engagement with portfolio blogs, benefiting all communities and improving authority scores.
  5. Increased efficiency of agency services by consolidating domains without compromising each community’s unique needs. The saved agency hours were reinvested in additional services for stronger overall metrics.
  6. New communities joining the portfolio would benefit from the established domain authority, yielding immediate results.