Enhance engagement on social media by recognizing the effectiveness of unique community-focused content and developing blog posts to showcase community events and promote them to an interested audience.

The Solution

  1. Every quarter, we reviewed organic social media posts to collect information and high-quality images from community events.
  2. We used this content to create short blog posts highlighting these community events.
  3. We crafted organic social media posts to promote the blogs and encourage the audience to click and read them.
  4. For each community, we sent an email promoting the blog and encouraging readers to click through.

The Results

  1. The first round of blogs achieved an 11.1% click-through rate on organic social media posts.
  2. Among the 6 community emails promoting the blogs, the click-through rate was 10% or higher.
  3. One community email promoting the blogs had an impressive click-through rate of 18.28% during the first round of blogs.