The client had a website that was performing poorly in terms of website health and needed to improve its search engine ranking.

The Solution

  1. Removed unnecessary plugins and scripts.
  2. Updated all technologies for better security and privacy.
  3. Enhanced page responsiveness.
  4. Placed the call to action (CTA) above the fold for better visibility.
  5. Updated alt tags for images.
  6. Refreshed old blog posts with recent and relevant content.
  7. Updated photos and elements to give the website a modern appearance.
  8. Adjusted the scaling for a consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The Results

  1. A significant improvement in website performance with a GTmetrix grade going from 65% to 99% and the structure score reaching 100% from 80%.
  2. A boost in the Semrush site health score to 95.
  3. A 25% increase in website visitors in a single quarter.
  4. An increase of 2 minutes in the average time spent on the site and a 15% decrease in the bounce rate.
  5. A 50% increase in leads generated in just one quarter.