The client needed more social media exposure to recruit employees for their communities.

The Solution

  1. Created guidelines for job post submissions to ensure they contained all the necessary details. These guidelines were presented to the client on April 4, 2023.
  2. Posted job openings on community Facebook pages on behalf of the client to reach potential employees.
  3. Allowed client team members to request posts as needed and edited the content and design to align with Facebook standards.
  4. Encouraged engagement from family and co-workers, who shared the posts on their personal social media to increase brand awareness.

The Results

  1. The client’s Facebook engagement rate increased from 14.08% in March 2023 to 15.69% in April 2023.
  2. After implementing the guidelines provided to the client, the engagement rate for job posts specifically increased from 3.22% in March 2023 to 4.52% in April 2023.