New Development: Pre-Open Case Study


A new senior living community wanted to maximize their marketing efforts to attract residents before the community’s full launch.

The Solution

  1. Crafted initial budget through thorough planning and analyzing market opportunities across both online and offline platforms.
    • Determined preferred cadence by channel to support desired reach and frequency.
    • Weighted inclusions based on direct response/intent with a layered brand awareness approach.
  2. Developed a comprehensive range of creative materials featuring various messages tailored to important dates and the goals set by stakeholders.
    • Ensured brand alignment across all marketing channels, including paid advertising, website content, landing pages and collateral.
  3. Performed call audits to identify training opportunities with local staff, provide overflow staff support as needed and ensure the creative collateral resonated in the market.
  4. Confirmed that the creative approach aligned with expectations of an increase in qualified applicants committing to the lease and placing deposits for their new homes.

The Results

  1. Within just 60 days, investors provided feedback that our efforts drove the most engagement they’d seen with any new development yet.
  2. Our in-market traditional ROI exceeded expectations with direct mail lists and hyper-targeted newspaper placements. It was the strongest showing for any agency effort in a market our size.
  3. We saw an instant surge in website traffic after launch, with direct traffic from our traditional marketing efforts increasing by 25%.
  4. The first on-site event drew in more than 150 participants.
  5. By the 90-day mark, we cut underperforming channels and vendors, increasing ROI even further.