There was market fatigue from creative themes consistently used for the community, and the client needed a boost in inquiries, leads, tours and move-ins.

The Solution

  1. Switched the newspaper inserts from Sundays to Wednesdays.
  2. Focused on resident testimonials each month, which was a departure from previous themes.
  3. Maintained a consistent layout for presenting testimonials each month.
  4. Refreshed the testimonial copy and images monthly with minimal changes to the layout.

The Results

  1. Inquiries increased by 633% over the previous 3 months.
  2. Leads saw a remarkable 1900% increase over the previous 3 months.
  3. Tours went up by 20% compared to the previous 3 months.
  4. Move-ins doubled, with a 100% increase over the previous 3 months.